Champions Prime 2022

Exclusive LuxuryMedal Cases n T.9543 n T.9542 n T.9755 n T.9544 n T.6209 TO FIT 45/50mm MEDAL TO FIT 70mmMEDAL MEDALWALLET IN 2 SIZES BLACK ECONOMY MEDAL CASE PERSONALISE WITH COLOUR PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS n T.3709 n T.40 Code Size/Ht (£) 121/T.3709 To fit 45mm 2.25 121/T.3710 To fit 50mm 2.25 121/T.3711 To fit 60mm 2.50 Code Size/Ht (£) 121/T.0040 To fit 40-45mm 0.70 121/T.4298 To fit 50mm 0.80 Code Size/Ht (£) 121/T.6209 To fit 45mm 2.25 121/T.6210 To fit 50mm 2.25 121/T.6213 To fit 60mm 2.25 121/T.6211 To fit 70mm 2.25 Code (£) 121/T.9755 9.25 121/T.9544 9.25 121/T.9543 8.25 121/T.9542 7.75 TO FIT 60mmMEDAL AND ENGRAVING PLATE 50 x 16mm TO FIT 45/50mmMEDAL AND ENGRAVING PLATE 50 x 16mm BLUE MEDAL CASEWITH MAGNETIC FASTENING 121 MEDALS OPEN ‘N’ SHUT WITH AREA FOR OPTIONAL ENGRAVING PLATE (PLATE NOT INCLUDED)